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Beach Break Collection Surfboards

Designer: Grace Bell Art


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  • The Beach Break Collection features 7 one of a kind surfboards. The lighter boards are made of basswood and the brown boards are made of western red cedar. They are made with hollow wooden construction techniques dating back to Tom Blake's "Cigar Box" from the late 1920s. This technique has been improved and modernized and consists of interlocking plywood frames skinned by a light and strong wood. They are handmade by Kyle Meloy of Kokomo Surf Co and were professionally fiberglassed by Foil Surfboards. Before the boards were glassed, Grace Bell added her artwork using epoxy and acrylic paint to create beautifully unique waves on each individual board. Grab a board and ride the wave!


( Contact Grace Bell at 252-723-6001 for international/ non CONUS shipping cost.)

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