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“Crest” 21x28 Canvas

Designer: Grace Bell Art


Crest is the first canvas of my 2021 collection. I intentionally painted this canvas from a different perspective than my other pieces. There was a time I was surfing in hurricane swells and was struggling to get out past the break. I’m laying on my board just looking up at these massive waves start to crest before ducking under the wave. From my angle it was kind of terrifying... but what got me through is knowing I’d come out on the other side and would have some time to get ready for the next wave, and during that time I’d paddle as hard as I could to get further out. To me, “Crest” is the perspective of being over the waves looking down seeing the light blue calm wave on the other side. For a lot of us, 2020 was a monster of a wave that just got bigger and bigger as it crested... and I’m hoping that in 2021 we come out on the other side in that calm light blue water ready to paddle out some more. 

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